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Clutter has an insidious way of sneaking up on everybody - no matter how well designed the house or how spacious. So how can you keep the mess - those letters, jackets, backpacks, and other items that accumulate everywhere - under control? The answers lie in smart interior design, not just housekeeping. By establishing a common-sense place for everything you own, you'll keep the clutter from coming back...not for a little while, but for good. From maximizing closets with hanging rods and cubbies to installing specialty cabinets, from making use of the bathroom sink pedestal to choosing a hard-working coffee table, there's a suitable solution for every room - exquisitely illustrated and easy to follow. Discover hundreds of clever ways to create a composed bedroom that encourages sleep and romance; an inviting and efficient kitchen; orderly workspaces that promote productivity; tidy bathrooms; and a fantastic kid's space that's neat in every sense of the word. Plus: "Style File" boxes throughout offer quick and smart suggestions.

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