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Book Description
California Cape Cods and 21st-century Colonials proclaim the enduring popularity of colonial architecture. Colonial Style provides both inspiration and practical advice to homeowners looking to increase their home's livability while retaining its classic charm. The book explains the differences between three styles - Colonial, Cape Cod, and Saltbox - and chapters cover doors and windows, trim work, built-ins, floor and wall treatments, paint colors, and incorporating today's kitchens and baths into a timeless colonial interior.

From the Author
This book is for homeowners who appreciate the historic character of their old house, whether Colonial, Cape Cod, or Saltbox style. The numerous examples are from actual homeowners who updated their 17th or 18th century homes with a sense of the past without sacrificing modern amenities or luxuries. It is meant to inspire homeowners to learn about the inherent qualities of these older homes while making it loveable and liveable for themselves in the 21st century.

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