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Jayme Barrett, the feng shui consultant to the rich and powerful of Beverly Hills, has written the most comprehensive and life-changing book on the subject. Taking us on a personal tour of homes with exceptional feng shui, Ms. Barrett explains the techniques she uses to create "positive space." Room by room, she illustrates the deeper purpose of every aspect of design; she demonstrates how the simplest adjustment - placing a plant in the right corner - can make a world of difference in your daily mood and, ultimately, your life.

Feng shui, she observes, is not just about the spaces we occupy. It is a philosophy and way of life that begins with our mental, emotional and spiritual enhancement. Once we use her regime to cleanse and energize our spirit, we can turn to the transformation of our environment and our lives. Lush photography and hundreds upon hundreds of facts, ideas, tips, and suggestions - from her own experience and gleaned from the wisdom of the ages - take us ever closer to the revitalization of home, health, and spirit.


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